When I recently saw Samara’s work for the first time, I made significant investment in her art because of her uniqueness of her expression.
In fact, one of the pieces is in a completely new subject area for my personal collection because of her ability to capture a moment so exquisitely.

~ Mr. Barry Van Stone
Yorkton Securities, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I have an orginial print of Samara’s “Dark Knight” A black wolf head It’s amazing.

~ Jackie Dailey


In 1976 while on my honeymoon visiting Banff,I noticed a young lady painting and I asked her (Samara) if she would paint two pictures for me – one 3ft x 2ft of a lake near Lake Louise (moraine Lake)and one approx 18 x 22 of the Rockies. I also bought several small ones that I no longer have. They were spectacular and have always been a focal point in my home ever since. I always remember the painter (Samara) – as beautiful as all her paintings.

~ Bob S